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Go Guide for Slavs

The nations of Slavic Europe and Russia have something to offer for all, from the immaculate beaches in Croatia to the white cliffs of Bulgaria, the brilliant modern skill of Riga to Prague’s historic charm jewelry. These undervalued locations may leave you wanting more, whether you prefer romantic adventures in fantastic cities brimming with boho beauty or family vacations exploring castles that rival Cinderella’s palace.

The Russian nations are typically connected by their shared vocabulary, but they have different cultures, religions, and histories. For instance, while Croats and Serbs belong to the Roman catholic church, Russians are associated with the Orthodox Church ( Russines, Ukrainians, and Belarusians ). Slavic Dating Sites the spellings of the various nations are also different, with Russians using Cyrillic and Balkans people using Latin.

Your journey to these undervalued places will be more pleasant if you have some awareness of Slavic cultures. Before traveling, it’s crucial to master the Roman alphabet and fundamental” courtesy” expressions. Communication will be much simpler as a result, especially in former communist countries where Russian is the primary dialect. Similar to this, making your moves more enjoyable will require learning a couple basic kindness phrases in any of the other Slavic cultures.

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